Let‘s uncover those who influence politicians

“Influence is exerted not only by registered lobbyists but also by businesses, NGO’s, and religious communities,” said Rugilė Trumpytė on Lithuanian National Radio and More

Published October 16, 2017

More attention to large-scale corruption

„Law enforcement began to pay more attention to large-scale corruption, however it’s very important to make sure that the research they are carrying out will not More

Published September 13, 2017

What changes are implemented by law enforcement?

“During the anticorruption meeting arranged by the Prime Minister, law enforcement agencies mentioned the importance of prevention and education more often than before,” said More

Published September 12, 2017

Encourage NGO‘s to report publicly

“NGO’s are becoming more and more involved in decision-making, so it is important to know what interests these organisations represent and who they belong More

Published August 29, 2017

Clear criteria is necessary for post selection

„When hiring or making decisions concerning employment, govenmental institutions must publicly and clearly specify the criterea and reasoning behind their actions,“ said Paulius Murauskas More

Published August 18, 2017

Change needs a will

„Half a year has passed since Rasa Kazėnienė reported certain abuse at the interrogation insulator of Kaunas. However, we can see that the problems More

Published August 10, 2017

Safe reporting channels is a must-have

„The fact that it is going to be possible to report on violations concerning not only corruption is great, because citizens might, for example, More

Published July 21, 2017

How to safely report on possible violations?

„The initiative to prepare a law ensuring protection to the whistleblowers is welcomed. Nonetheless, this project can be improved, because the safety of whistleblower shouldn‘t be More

Published July 21, 2017

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