45 schools hold a public reading of the “Integrity declaration”

Published December 9, 2015

During the International Anti-Corruption Day, 45 schools across Lithuania held public readings of the Integrity Declaration. In doing so they declared that the most important decisions will be made in common consensus among the school’s administration, teachers and students. Students also made a public pledge to be honest and respect one another. These schools are members of the Integrity Network of Schools, which over the years has doubled and now connects 104 schools from 64 cities in Lithuania.

School communities have read the Integrity Declaration:

“Our school is a member of the Integrity Network of Schools!
Together we share the following values:
Honesty – while learning we aim not to cheat;
Responsibility – we are confident in ourselves, respectful to our colleagues and schoolmates;
Transparency – key decisions at our school are being taken jointly by the school’s students and administration.
Our school educates the future leaders!”

“I am delighted that more and more schools openly declare their firm commitment for honesty, create a more transparent and democratic learning environment where more young people could feel as the owners of their country” – said Sergejus Moravjovas, the head of “Transparency International” Lithuanian Chapter.

Together with the volunteers from a number of organizations, namely, Create for Lithuania alumni, Ateitininkai, White Gloves,”White Wave” initiative, “LT Big Brother”, the Civil Society Institute, Lithuanian National Union of Students, TEDxVilnius and TI Lithuania, the school students will discuss the importance of integrity and transparency in each of ours daily activities.

The Integrity Network of Schools is an informal initiative, which unites schools that cherish the values of openness and transparency. The network kicked-off on the 9th December in 2014 with 50 member-schools and currently it unites 104 schools from 64 cities. The aim of this network is to assist the schools in sharing the good examples among one another and implementing novel integrity-raising initiatives.

The Integrity Network of Schools is made possible by the Transparency International Secretariat, the French Institute of Lithuania and the British Embassy in Lithuania.

List of member-schools of the Network can be found here.