Published January 25, 2017

In 2016 “Transparency International“ (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI) Lithuania scored  59 out of 100 possible points and ranks 38th of  176 countries. Lithuania is 19th among the EU and the Western European countries, last year it was 18th.

In previous CPI assessment Lithuania received  61 points and took 32nd place out of 168 countries. This year, as in 2015, Denmark and New Zealand lead again with 90 points each. Last on the list is Somalia (10 points).

Estonia scored 70 points and took 22nd place (last year – 70 points and 23rd place), Latvia – 57 points and 44th place (last year – 55 points and 40th place), Poland – 62 points and 29th place (last year – also 62 points and 30th place).

TI CPI is one of the most famous corruption perception studies in the world, revealing of how various countries of the world succeed in controlling corruption. The current situation is assessment of a specific number of a hundred-point scale from 0 to 100, where 0 means totally corrupt country, and 100 – very transparent state. The different areas of experts and business leaders assess the scale of corruption in the public and political sectors.

“This assessment points out that it is not worth just lay resting on laurels. The message for us is clear – in 2015 and in the first half of 2016 in Lithuania has not introduced  significant anti-corruption changes, we did not move forward. I think it is a great opportunity to think about what we can do differently” – says Sergejus Muravjovas, Head of Transparency International Lithuania.

CPI consists of on nine sources in 2016: 1. Bertelsmann Foundation Transformation Index; 2. Bertelsmann Foundation Sustainable Governance Indicators; 3. IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook; 4. Political Risk Services International Country Risk Guide (ICRG); 5. World Economic Forum Executive Opinion Survey (EOS); 6. Economist Intelligence Unit. Country Risk Ratings; 7. Global Insight Country Risk Ratings; 8. Freedom House Nations in Transit, 9. Varities of Democracy Project.

More about CPI 2016 can be found here.

More about index results in Lithuania can be found here (information in Lithuanian).