Lithuanians give less bribes to doctors and police officers

Published November 16, 2016

Every fourth resident of Lithuania gave bribe during the previous year. Even though a scale of bribery in road police and health care systems is decreasing, based on levels of bribery in health care system Lithuania still remains one of the most corrupt countries in the European Union (EU), the newest “Transparency International” Global Corruption Barometer 2016 reveals.

Four times smaller amount of residents that have encountered with road police (6 per cent) compared to year 2013 (23 per cent), told that they gave a bribe to police officers. However, every fourth (24 per cent) residents who had visited health care institutions confessed that they gave a bribe. Three years ago every third patient (35 per cent) gave a bribe in health care system.

Every third patient (33 per cent) confessed of having given a bribe to a doctor in Romania, and this is the only state in the EU, where the numbers of bribery in health care system are bigger than Lithuania. There are 13 per cent of the visitors who gave bribe in Latvia, 5 per cent in Estonia, 6 per cent in Poland, 2 per cent in Germany.

The biggest overall numbers in bribery are in Romania (29 per cent), Lithuania (24 per cent) and Hungary (22 per cent). Such percentage of residents gave bribe for at least one service in the public sector (in the health care system, court system, police, for receiving official documents, education paid by the state, privileges for unemployed or other social privileges).

The smallest numbers in bribery are in Germany, Slovenia and Spain (3 per cent each), Cyprus and Portugal (2 per cent each).

5 per cent of the residents gave bribe in Estonia, 7 per cent in Poland, 15 per cent in Latvia, 20 per cent in Belarus, 24 per cent in Russia.

In Lithuania, only 7 per cent of residents who gave bribe had informed competent authorities. Only 15 per cent of residents are convinced that it is acceptable to report on corruption. Only 13 per cent of residents view Lithuania‘s government work on corruption in Lithuania favourably.

Global Corruption Barometer is a sociological research organized by „Transparency International“ which purpose is to find out people‘s experience in corruption and their opinion on corruption of state‘s institutions.

From a period of time from 4 December 2015 until 28 January 2016, 1501 residents were surveyed in Lithuania.

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