TI Lithuania: The purpose of the observatory boards in healtchare institutions is ambiguous

Published April 13, 2017

In the public report on the activity in seven supervisory boards in the health care service institutions in Vilnius, „Transparency International“ Lithuania (TI Lithuania) states that its’ members had difficulties in evaluating the activities of both the institutions and the boards, therefore concluding that the purpose of supervisory boards is ambiguous.

In autumn 2015, five representatives of TI Lithuania became members of the supervisory boards in eight health care institutions aiming to help the institutions with providing integrity and quality into their operation.

After one year, the representatives have come up with the following conclusions:

  • The additional value of the supervisory boards and their members is unclear;
  • Different institutions are difficult to compare in terms of their success in implementing integrity standards;
  • The criteria for evaluating the efficiency of the supervisory boards are indefinite;
  • It is unclear how the institutions define their goals and assess their success in implementing them;
  • The reports from the institutions are available only for a small faction, while the general public lacks access to broader information;
  • The institutions are encouraged to assess on their achievements, however, little is being done in order to deal with the difficulties.

Sergejus Muravjovas, Executive Director of TI Lithuania stated that the members of TI Lithuania would continue their participation in the supervisory boards only if they come up with an agreement with the representatives from the healthcare system on the evaluation of progress within the healthcare institutions. Additionally, he suggested that the institutions should account for their activities in a different matter and clearly define their role in achieving the primary goals.

Following the decisions on 26 August 2015 and 9 September 2015 (no. 1-165 and no. A51-85179), five representatives from TI Lithuania became part of the supervisory boards in the health care institutions in Vilnius.

Sergejus Muravjovas – at Centras outpatient clinic and Republican Vilnius University hospital; Rūta Mrazauskaitė – at Naujoji Vilnia outpatient clinic and Vilnius district central outpatient clinic; Karolis Granickas – at Vilkpėdė hospital; Rugilė Trumpytė – at Emergency Medical Service Station; Rytis Juozapavičius – at Vilnius city clinical hospital and Vilnius University hospital Santariškės clinics department.

On March 30 2016 TI Lithuania informed Vilnius city municipality of the withdrawal of Rytis Juozapavičius from the supervisory board of Vilnius University hospital Santariškės Clinics department. From 2017, Karolis Granickas was replaced by Ingrida Palaimaitė in the board of Vilkpėdė hospital.