NGO Atlas

Published September 10, 2015

In 2015 “Transparency International” Lithuanian Chapter signed an agreement with Human Rights Monitoring Institute, an implementing body of funding mechanism “NVO programa” (NGO Program) by the European Economic Area. In August 2015 TI Lithuania began working on a new project “NVO atlasas” (NGO Atlas).

The main goal of the NGO Atlas is to develop NGO definition used in practice, offer a unified NGO accountability standard and to classify all non-governmental organizations focusing on human rights and social development that are based in Lithuania.

NGO Atlas is managed by the director of TI Lithuania Sergejus Muravjovas (, and implemented by TI Lithuania project leaders Karolis Granickas(, Rūta Mrazauskaitė ( ir Rugilė Trumpytė (, together with project coordinators Paulius Murauskas(, Ingrida Palaimaitė ( and Gabija Lukšaitė (