The majority of football associations do not account for their activities

Published January 5, 2016

4 of 5 (81 %)  football associations do not publicize their financial reports, 9 of 10 (85 %) do not publish any information about their activities, a research conducted by “Transparency International” Lithuanian Chapter reveals.  Lithuanian football federation meets minimum standards of accountability, but do not declare their values nor their code of ethics publicly.

Research investigated whether 6 confederations and 209 national football associations of International football federation (FIFA) publish their finances, activity status, activity reports and ethic codes.

Lithuanian football federation got positive reviews in 3 categories out of 4 – its website was lacking information about organization’s code of ethics.  Latvian football federation got all 4 points, while Estonian football federation publishes only its activity status and thus received only 1 point.

At the same time no single one of football confederations meets at least minimal information publicity requirements.

The most accountable were football associations of United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, New Zealand, North Ireland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal and Sweden. They performed best results to inform people about their activities, expenditure and values.

The least accountable were football associations of Madagascar, Fiji, Haiti, Maldives, Libya, Mozambique and Nigeria.

“Transparency International” estimated how accountable are six football confederations ( The Asian Football Confederation, The Confederation of African Football, The South American Football Confederation, The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football, Oceania Football Confederation, The Union of European Football Associations) and 209 national associations.

“Transparency International”evaluated information on the organisations sites in September – November 2015. Finished evaluations were sent to all organisations, they had a chance to review all the data and specify it if needed.

More about the results of the research can be found here.