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Published August 29, 2016

From now on, people will be able to know which outgoing members‘ of the Seimas votes were similar to their attitudes in just a few clicks – by visiting and taking political allignment test prepared by Transparency International Lithuania.

People will be able to compare their positions to the positions of the members of Seimas by voting on 12 topicsconsidered in the Seimas between 2012 and 2016:

 Return of Conscription

 State Access to Personal Information

 Direct Mayor Election

 Immigration Control

 Labour Code

 Pension Reform

 Higher Education Control

 Alcohol Control

 E-Voting

 Multiple Nationality

 Child protection

 Use of Non-Lithuanian Alphabet in ID documents

,,The main role of the members of Seimas is to make desisions by voting. However, the information that is provided to the public is complicated and can be confusing for many. makes it more simple and allows people to understand easily which parties or the members of Seimas represent same approaches by voting as they do.” – said Ignas Rubikas, the initiator of the project ,,”.

Each question includes description and context of the topic, and also provides main arguments and arguments against.

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