Almost 60 schools organized numeruous integrity initiatives on the International Anticorruption Day

Published December 9, 2016

On the International Anti-corruption day, students and teachers from almost sixty schools today are holding public readings of the “Declaration of Integrity” and are looking for new ways to seek greater integrity and transparency in their communities. These schools are the members of the “Integrity School network” which has grown by a quarter over the year and now connects 133 educational institutions from more than 80 locations.


School communities will be reading the following text of the “Declaration of Integrity”:

“Our school is the member of the “Integrity School network”!

Together we promote these values:

Integrity – while studying we strive not to do copying from other students or cheat otherwise;

Responsibility – we trust in ourselves, respect our schoolmates and colleagues;

Transparency – all fundamental decisions at our school are made on the basis of an open and mutual agreement between students and the administration.

Our school educates future leaders!”


“I am glad that school communities start to search for specific, clear and easy to implement ways that lead to more integrity, responsibility and transparency in their surroundings. I see that such initiatives allow young people to feel the owners of their country and initiate change themselves – said the coordinator of the “Integrity School network”, Ingrida Palaimaitė

‘‘Integrity School network“ is an informal initiative that was launched on the 9th December 2014. Every Lithuanian school that promotes values such as integrity and transparency can join the initiative. During the period of three years, the network has grown nearly threefold: in December of 2014 50 schools joined the initiative compared to 133 schools today. The aim of the network is to help schools to share good examples and implement the integrity and transparency initiatives easier.

The „Integrity School network“ is being developed with the help of the Secretariat of the „Transparency International“, French Institute in Lithuania and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Lithuania.

You can see the map of schools that have joined the initiative here. You can find more information about the initiative here.