Sergejus Muravjovas | sergejus[at]
Executive Director

Sergejus has been leading TI Lithuania since 2008. In 2012, he was re-elected for his second term on TI’s International Board of Directors. Sergejus is a board member of Clear Wave initiative for business transparency and a member of the Court of Honour of The Association of Public Relations Agencies. He also teaches Corporate Governance and Anticorruption at the International School of Management in Vilnius. Sergejus has an MA Degree from Leiden University and Bachelor’s Degrees from Vilnius and Utrecht Universities.

Sergejus’ declaration of private interests
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Rugilė Trumpytė | rugile[at]
Project Leader

Rugilė joined TI Lithuania in 2011. She works with media accountability, transparency and professional ethics in journalism. She is responsible for the Breakfast of Journalists , an initiative that began in 2009, aiming to pass on the best practices of foreign media to Lithuanian journalists. Rugilė also manages a project related to match-fixing agreements in sports. She has a Master’s degree in Comparative Politics from the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University.

Rugilė’s declaration of private interests
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Ingrida Kalinauskienė | ingrida[at]
Project Leader

Ingrida joined TI Lithuania in 2014. Ingrida manages initiatives related to academic integrity, transparency in healthcare, and social experiments; curates Transparency International School on Integrity and Integrity Network of Schools. She interned at the non-governmental organization in San Paulo, Brazil, and also has project management experience in the private sector in Lithuania. Ingrida has a Bachelor‘s degree from the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University.

Ieva Duncikaite iduncikaite[at]
Project Coordinator

Ieva joined TI Lithuania in 2015 as a volunteer, and then re-joined as a project coordinator in 2018. Currently she works with the ‘Integrity Pact’ initiative. Ieva holds a Master’s of European Politics and a double Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and French from University of Exeter, UK. She also studied in Sciences Po Paris, France and Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. Last year Ieva was a Schuman trainee in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Ieva Kimontaite ieva[at]
Project Coordinator

Ieva joined TI Lithuania in 2017. She is currently working with “Transparency International“ Summer School on Integrity, her responsibilities include organization and publicity of the event. Ieva gained practical experience during volunteer work and internships in the non-governmental sector and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania. She is currently studying political science at Vilnius University.

Ieva’s declaration of private interests


The Council of TI Lihuania is composed of Ainius Lašas, Justina Gineikienė, Marius Barys, Simona Laiconaitė and Vaidotas Beniušis.

Their declarations of private interests and CV’s are provided below:

Ainius Lašas: declaration of private interests, curriculum vitae

Justina Gineikiene: declaration of private interests, curriculum vitae

Marius Barys: declaration of private interests, curriculum vitae

Simona Laiconaitė: declaration of private interestscurriculum vitae

Vaidotas Beniušis: declaration of private interestscurriculum vitae


TI Lithuania’s proprietors are Rūta Žiliukaitė, Aurimas Perednis and Sergejus Muravjovas. Their declarations of private interests can be found below:

Declaration of private interests of Rūta Žiliukaitė

Declaration of private interests of Aurimas Perednis

Declaration of private interests of Sergejus Muravjovas


Currently there are over 200 members within our Alumni network. It is coordinated by Greta Radiul (

TILC was founded on 6 June 2000 by the Open Society Fund Lithuania.