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1. Atvirasteismas.lt:


Our initiative “Atviras teismas” allows Lithuanian citizens to easily understand how the the courts that are based in their residential areas operate and get to know the indicators of the work produced by the judges (this information was not accessible before). By promoting atvirasteismas.lt initiative we seek to make Lithuanian legal system more transparent, as the majority of the population still perceives the courts among the most corrupt institutions in the country.

While using the www.atvirasteismas.lt people have an opportunity to compare the workloads of specified courts and judges, the stability of their work, the average length of procedures taken to solve a case, average salaries, numbers of  rulings implemented as well as other indicators of their activity.

It is one of the first initiatives of that kind worldwide. A similar project has been carried out by our colleagues from “Transparency International” in Slovakia (more information about their work may be found here).

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2. Manoseimas.lt.


Have you ever dreamed of living in a country where the elected parliament would truly represent the interests of its electorate, performing its duties with respect and responsibility? ManoSeimas.lt is an independent civic project aiming to transform this vision into reality. We are creating accessible tools for citizens to find pertinent information about the members of Seimas and their work, and to effectively voice their opinion on matters concerning the State. While the change will not happen overnight, it is only with your help that we can bring Seimas to the Lithuanian people, together with their wishes and needs.

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