The scores of Lithuania in „Corruption Perception Index“ on 2015 has changed

Published September 14, 2017

We would like to bring attention to the fact that, due to a mistake, the result of Lithuania in the 2015 „global corruption perception index“ (CPI), conducted by „Transparency international“ (TI), has changed from a score of 61 to 59 together with it‘s ranking. The ranking of Lithuania dropped from 32nd to 38th in a list of 168 countries. The error made in 2014 did not affect the 2014 CPI score for Lithuania, however the rank has changed by one position from 39 to 40 out of 175 countries.

Detailed methodological explanations of how the mistake has occurred and how it will be avoided in the future can be found here and here (Lithuanian).

The adress of Chairman of the board of TI José Ugaz on certain inaccuracies revealed in CPI can be found here. (English)