Published October 21, 2015

City Transparency Camps (‘Miesto Skaidrumo Dirbtuvės’)

City Transparency Camps – a series of events that encourage all participants, not just invited speakers, to speak up and present their ideas to others.

In general, Lithuanian people are slow to use their right to know, but even after exercising this right they assert that the response received was not satisfactory.Transparency International Lithuanian Chapter (TILC) did a study called Information accessibility in Lithuania. According to this study, only 29 % of Lithuanians approached national or municipal institutions for some kind of information in 2011. Nearly half of those that did felt that the response they received was incomplete and not satisfactory.


In order to encourage Lithuanians to be more actively engaged with their local institutions and become involved in their decision-making processes,Transparency International Lithuanian Chapter started a new series of events in different cities of Lithuania – City Transparency Camps (‘Miesto Skaidrumo Dirbtuvės’).

City Transparency Camps are a series of unconference-type events that can be planned by the participants themselves. The aims of these events are:

  • to bring people together and give them an opportunity to openly talk with their government representatives and each other about those issues that are important to them;
  • to discuss problems and their possible solutions.