Published October 21, 2015


The purpose of the website is to create opportunities to report suspected cases of bureaucratism and corruption. If you have personally encountered such violations or you reasonably suspect that such violations are occurring/have already occurred, share this information with everybody. Help the public sector improve the quality of its services!

On this website, Lithuanian residents are invited to publicize suspected cases of bureaucratism and corruption, such as bribery, abuse of public office, delays in the decision-making process or evasion of the same altogether. It is possible to report without disclosing one’s identity.

The website allows the public to find out about what is regarded as a violation, how to react to them and how to solve one’s problems legally. Answers are provided by the website’s administrators from TI Lithuania, by representatives from national and municipal institutions and by other visitors to the website. Questions can be submitted either publicly or in private, to TI Lithuania lawyers.


Upon encountering instances of corruption or bureaucratism people can mark them on the geographic map at – all that is needed is to describe what happened and indicate the sector in which it occurred.

TI Lithuania notes that is not a law enforcement agency and cannot perform its functions, i.e. collecting evidence, investigating, interrogating, etc.

This website aims to facilitate communications between citizens and state institutions, draw attention to institutions that receive the most complaints and encourage positive changes in the system.

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